About Time

Gloucestershire County Council has made unblocking gullies a priority after the July 2007 floods.

The authority allocated £2.1m in 2008 to maintain drains and clear the county’s 135,000 gullies.

Gullies which were at highest risk of flooding were being cleared three times a year, council officials said.

The cleaning programme, which consists of eight teams, has removed 2,800 tonnes of mud, silt, leaves, litter and household waste from the gullies.

County councillor Julie Girling urged householders to sweep outside their homes to help prevent blockages.

She also asked people to alert the council if they noticed any problems. Source: BBC.

Only 18 months after the event, I expect the council to be deluged with calls over blocked gullies, as for sweeping outside my home, isn’t part of the council tax supposed to cover street cleaning?