Barnardo’s Followed By a Little Football

Over the weekend The Guardian reported that £2m has been paid out to child asylum seekers illegally detained as adults which is pretty appalling! However the article reminded me that UK Charity Barnardo’s in its wisdom had decided to run one of these centres for the government which seems at odds with their statement of What We Do on their website:

Barnardo’s transforms the lives of vulnerable children across the UK through the work of our projects, our campaigning and our research expertise.

We believe we can bring out the best in every child whether the issue is child poverty, sexual exploitation, disability and domestic violence.

So are they still running the detention centre? Oh yes! It’s called Cedars which the UK Border Agency describes as pre-departure accommodation. Why the name? Cedars supposedly stands for the principles Border Agency staff will work to – compassion, empathy, dignity, approachability, respect and support – a sick acronym when you consider I started with the £2 million the government has paid out in compensation!

Still if you think that’s trying to disguise the Cedars true purpose then the UK Border Agencies descriptions is nothing compared to Barnardo’s which effuses over the spacious, bedrooms, bathrooms and showers, the comfortable lounge, well equipped games room, dining room and kitchen! In fact there’s no mention of detention in fact it’s called High Close School and is “working together to unlock potential”, what just before children are expelled from the country?

So what’s the reality? Barnardo’s set some Red Lines for its involvement, I’ll take just one of the seven, number 3 – why because I can!

3. Barnardo’s will speak out when any family has stayed at the PDA more than once, or for longer than the one week maximum, due to UKBA procedural error. If this occurs more than twice then Barnardo’s will withdraw its services.

Nice to see that Barnardo’s is going to get upset if a child, and that’s what we’re talking about, not family’s, isn’t expelled quick enough! All part of a caring charity these days. So how did Barnardo’s stack up, who knows, Barnardo’s isn’t saying! However a freedom of information request by but the UK Border Agency failed as evidence obtained by a freedom of information request No-Deportations discovered that of the eleven children who entered Cedars pre-departure accommodation in September 2011, three children spent one day in detention, two spent two days, two spent four days, three spent seven days, and the remaining child, having spent four days in detention was still detained as at 30 September 2011. So where’s Barnardo’s “red lines” in all of this? Lying on the floor forgotten.

This is just one instance of Barnardo’s collusion with the government, the charity is also aggressively bidding to take over the governments running down of Sure Start Children’s Centre’s. Barnardo’s seems less and less a charity and more and more a business run for profit. It seems the charity has chosen to ignore it’s beliefs so proudly trumpeted on its website! Here they are in the vain hope that someone at Barnardo’s might read them and remember!

Barnardo’s believes in children regardless of their circumstances, gender, race, disability or behaviour.

We believe in the abused, the vulnerable, the forgotten and the neglected. We will support them, stand up for them and bring out the best in each and every child.

We do this because we believe that every child deserves the best start in life and the chance to fulfil their potential.

We use the knowledge gained from our direct work with children to campaign for better childcare policy and to champion the rights of every child.

With the right help, committed support and a little belief, even the most vulnerable children can turn their lives around. Barnardo’s is regulated by the Charity Commission. Being a registered charity means that we must always be accountable and transparent.

The next time you get one Barnardo’s little envelope’s through your door I suggest you put the envelope straight into the recycling or bin if you must and avoid giving these sordid money grabbers a penny!

Finally football, last Chelsea where beaten by Napoli in which both teams gave a master-class display on how not to defend! At the end of the game Napoli converted more of the glut of goal scoring opportunities and now take a 3-1 lead to the second leg at Stamford Bridge. It’s not impossible for The Blues to win that game 2-0 and proceed to the last eight. To do so though the defence needs tightening, obviously!