I’ve had BT Broadband for a while now and one of the perks seemed to be BT FON which promised

Get wireless broadband at over 3.5 million locations in the UK and across the world by sharing your Broadband connection, with no impact on your home service or security. Be a part of the biggest Wi-Fi network in the world! BT FON.

Which looks a great idea and I duly allowed my broadband connection to be shared and loaded the app onto my Samsung Galaxy S, but after six months I’m removing the app and stopping the sharing on my broadband.

The reason is simple, generally I find there aren’t too many Wi-Fi spots where you want to use them, and in fact the only time I remember successfully using a Wi-Fi spot was at my barbers. Too many hotspots allow you to connect but work so slowly as to be unusable.

Additionally on my Samsung Galaxy S, which to be fair to BT isn’t the most reliable phone, once a connection had been made to a BT FON hotspot it would often stop working as a phone, meaning I could neither make nor receive calls or texts, very annoying. I would need to switch the phone off and on to get it to work again, a real pain when I hadn’t noticed and people where trying to contact me!

Obviously, the phone you have and where you live, might mean for you BT FON is excellent, but for the odd times I’ve made use of BT FON it doesn’t seem worth the hassle.

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  1. Similar experience here. Never successfully used BT Fon at all. Either fails to connect, or if it does connect it fails to function. Not had the problem where the phone ceases to work, though. Not yet anyway.

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