Coffee Shops

When you look at the values and ethics of the main stream High Street coffee shops it’s pretty apparent that they’re an unpleasant bunch, but if you must use one try and find a Soho Coffee shop they are by far the best of a bad bunch. But really you’d a lot better to find an independent shop chances are you’ll get better coffee and pay less, Cosy Coffee Shops might help you although there’s only just over a hundred coffee shops listed but if your looking for an independent beware of the likes of Harris & Hoole they might look like an independent but they’re actually part owned by Tesco, how much Tesco’s opened is closely guarded secret, but Ethical Consumer‘s best guess is 48%. I don’t Suppose Harris & Hoole is the only large chain masquerading as an independent, so try and do your research to make sure you aren’t being duped.

Why Vote To Stay in the European Union?

EU_flagThe way the European Union and the IMF have handled the Greek financial crisis really leaves me questioning the European Union.

The European Union has only one response which is to force Greece to make many of its workers redundant, pay any that are fortunate to have a jobs a lot less and for those who have retired slash their pensions.

This surely is a race to the bottom for wages across Europe forcing works in other countries to compete with the lower Greek wages.

I cannot see the difference between the European Union and the austerity measures the Tories here in the UK are applying.

Business interests have hijacked the European Union making it no longer fit for purpose for the majority of Europeans.

If there was a vote on European Union membership tomorrow, I cannot see why I would vote to stay in.

It’s Not Interest Rates

IMF warns period of ultra-low interest rates poses fresh financial crisis threat. Source: The Guardian.

I suspect low interest rates are’t the actual problem, the problem remains the rewards paid to bankers regardless of the risks of speculation. Bankers get paid regardless whilst investors, shareholders and taxpayers are still liable for the losses.

Abundance Generation

If you’re looking for a green investment then the crowd funding investment platform Abundance Generation might be what you’re looking for.

Abundance Generation is a regulated online platform that lets people lend money from as little as £5 to renewable energy projects in the UK and share in the returns from generating low-carbon electricity.[1] When investors buy a Debenture through Abundance, they are lending money to an Energy Project and in return they have the right to a percentage of the revenue or profit generated from the sale of the electricity produced by the project. Abundance Generation is open to all UK residents over 18 and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Currently, Abundance focuses on a range of renewable energy projects but is looking to offer other ethical and social beneficial investments in the future. Source: Wikipedia


If you’re a Kindle user then it’s worth investigating BookBub. The Kindle offers are American however simply change the address from “.com” to “” and you’ll have the UK offer. Although as I don’t have a Kindle I can’t say how good it actually is.

The Overthrow of democracy for Profit

Was this the start of our current troubles?

Mohammad Mosaddegh was the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran from 1951 until 1953, when his government was overthrown in a coup d’état orchestrated by the British MI6 and the American CIA. Source: Wikipedia

All because he nationalised the Anglo-Persian Oil Company an antecedent of today’s BP.

Time To Stand Up and Be Counted

It’s time for those who don’t vote, the young, the poor, the disadvantaged, the disabled and the sick to start. If you don’t then be warned the seeds of a police state have been sown and the rich will crush you, they will allow no protest however peaceful it might be. Current Tory policies of taking and giving to the rich are a taste what the fascism that’s coming.

Scottish Influence At Westminster

It’s not something I’d considered as I’ve never been fond of nationalism, like I’m not interested in the colour of someone’s skin I’m not interested in their country of birth. However, during a discussion on Scottish Independence it was said that Scotland had no influence at Westminster – I thought this odd at the time as labour has surely relied on Scottish MPs to hold power. In fact without Scotland it’s difficult to see Labour ever winning power again.

Looking at the actual figures the UK parliament is made up of 650 MPs, 533 from England, 40 from Wales, 59 from Scotland and 18 from Northern Ireland. Currently labour has 257 MPs of which 41 are Scottish the same number as when Tony Blair won in 2005 with 355 MPs. Gordon Brown the last Labour Prime Minister had a 66 seat majority so it’s not true to say Labour wouldn’t win without Scotland. Although interestingly in 2005 Labour also had 29 Welsh MPs although there are currently 26. So the truth is that without Scotland AND Wales Labour would find it difficult to win power in Westminster.

Anyway I’ve diverged, back to Scottish influence.

You only have to look at Gordon Brown, Member of Parliament for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath from 1983-2005, the last Labour Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer for 10-years under Tony Blair to see Scottish influence at Westminster.

Incidentally Tony Blair was born in Edinburgh. So does that make Blair Scottish? Personally I’d like to thinks so as blaming the Scots for inflicting Blairism on us seems so appropriate in the current political climate.

Without looking too hard there seems plenty of Scottish influence at Westminster. Obviously whether it’s been the right type of influence depends on your standpoint.

I should perhaps add that personally I find independence movements, distasteful and jingoistic and little better than racism and although I have a lot of sympathy with the view that Scottish Independence has to be worth it to get away from the Tories, like my sometimes deep loathing of the EU, when it comes to actually voting I’ll not be swayed by independence and it’s dubious delights.

MEATLiquor Perpetuating Rape Culture

This poster appeared in MEATLiquor Brighton

MEATLiquor Rape Culture Poster

MEATLiquor Rape Culture Poster

Source: The Argus.

Reportedly on Twitter:

I’ve no idea if it’s appeared in their London restaurants.

Still leaves me wondering if I should ever visit them again though!